Grice | Circular Fashion House

Avchona Dress - €420
Sana Soft Wax Raincoat - €450
Raglan texture Sweater/Dress - €314

We believe in this day and age that sustainability is common sense. There is no other way. 

The only way to be truly sustainable is by using what we already have on our planet. Therefore, we use existing fabrics and dead-stock to create our collections. You could also say we turn ‘junk’ to couture. 

Grice was developed from the fascination of textiles, contrast and colour – the three elements that enchant – Fabric is the main component of fashion, so it should be embraced in every possible way. 

We strive to keep craftsmanship and artisanal methods alive by recreating them in a modern and unorthodox way with a pernickety manner.

Because of our love for people of all walks of life, it is Grice’ greatest ambition to achieve a community / society benefitting not only clients, but the local (&global) area, i.e. businesses and residents alike.