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...Because sustainability is common sense.....

Grice is a circular fashion house 

We believe in this day and age that sustainability is common sense. There is no other way. 

The only way to be truly sustainable is by using what we already have on our planet. Therefore, we use existing fabrics and dead-stock to create our collections. You could also say we turn ‘junk’ to couture. 

Grice was developed from the fascination of textiles, contrast and colour – the three elements that enchant – Fabric is the main component of fashion, so it should be embraced in every possible way. 

It is clear throughout all Grice designs that there is a creative and artistic eye behind each creation. We express through the fabric. The sewing machine is the paintbrush. Joy is found when creating contrast and rawness within the designs, whilst creating with the idea in mind, that each piece can be worn more than just one way. At the end – its comes down to styling. 

We strive to keep craftsmanship and artisanal methods alive by recreating them in a modern and unorthodox way with a pernickety manner.

Because of our love for people of all walks of life, it is Grice’ greatest ambition to achieve a community / society benefitting not only clients, but the local (&global) area, i.e. businesses and residents alike.


Sustainability is the backbone to all Grice designs.
 “Finding beauty in everything” is the desired outcome.


Visit us in Amsterdam

Tweede van der Helststraat 20h, 1072 PD Amsterdam

GRICE – A Circular Fashion House

Located in the cozy neighbourhood De Pijp, Amsterdam, you can find Grice and the Circular Fashion
House – The flagship boutique and atelier where Grice designs are made and showcased. Selling current and past collections with a little something extra- good choice vintage and re-love with up-cycled pieces. 

Recently we have started our creative workshops, which are tailored to every clients needs and wishes. 

Are you interested to join us and let your creativity flow? Then get in touch with us!  


Grice is a circular fashion house

We believe in this day and age that sustainability is common sense. There is no other way.

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