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Designers statement : The azure blue set

above is a shining example of what we are about at Gricè and the Circular Fashion House.

I saw this beautiful blue fabric at the corner of my eye in an old junk yard. It was at the bottom of a cage basket with just an edge hanging out. I remember it been quite the mission to retrieve the abundance of blue. It was at the bottom of all the other poor old and abandoned objects.

It was a joy for my eyes when finally it was in my possession. I just couldn’t get over the shade of blue really. It was almost denim like texture. Plenty to work with. In-fact it was a curtain. Curtains happen to be one of my favourites to work with as there are elements to play with and embrace.

I wanted to keep the ruche like element of the curtain. Almost as a sort of tribute to it. (yes we are a weird bunch here) I manipulated them slightly with slight contrast stitching ( always love a contrast stitching )

Playing with the fabric and wrapping it round the body is rather obligatory I think. I was overjoyed when wrapping it around and seeing it as a skirt. The way the ruches flowed on the side of the body. heaven. And that was that. Simple. Well almost because I can get quite finicky and a bit arty farty, especially when this blue was as mesmerising as it is. The other side of the soon to be skirt, I made it raw edge and manipulated it to make the denim seem more apparent, and so the ruched side doesn’t feel so lonely been so beautiful as it is.

The top piece of the set is a raw-edge poncho, which is very versatile because you can play around with it quite a lot and have it at all angles. I love it with a turtle neck underneath for winter. Or even with a sweater as it has plenty of room for that.

The Azure co-ord set is unfortunately not on our online boutique because it does have some slight stains and in parts the fabric is a little faded. We worry that if someone were to buy it online and they received it and didn’t like it, then they would have to send it back and gosh how un-sustainable would that be?! Plus we don’t want any unhappy clients. No thank you.

If you would like to know more about this beautiful set and to buy it, then talk to us and we will go from there.

To us we actually don’t give a d*mn about defect, because as a whole if a piece is beautiful as it is, then WHO CARES?!

I believe if we want to truly be sustainable, then in future (or now ) we actually have to accept defect and stop turning our nose at it. The end.

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